Steen Hegner








"As 16 I got inspired by Jens Olsen's astronomical clock"

Steen Hegner

About myself:

I got inspired at the age of 16 when I saw Jens Olsen's Astronomical Clock for the first time at Copenhagen Townhall.

Both because of the fine hand craftsmanship and also because the knowledge and calculations about the solar systems, at a time before electronic calculators and computers were invented.

I started slowly in 1976 and the last years I have made several types of construction from planetary gear, differentiale, hypercycloides and tourbillons.

Accurate time and design:

Time measuring doesn't have to be boring. Design together with fine craftmanship and the best technical options, you achieve a mechanical clock that overtakes most modern clocks. The clocks are made only from high quality materials for the functions the precision pendulum clocks need. I have manifactured clocks since 1976 among them an astrononical clock.